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We receive an overwhelmingly large volume of emails that we try our very best to respond to when we are not working directly with clients (or during our own personal time) typically emails will receive replies within one week. Unfortunately, we are unable to take on every tattoo request so we have added a section below to help give a better idea of the content we are focused on for scheduling. Our books open and close monthly, and typically we wish to book one month at a time only. If you are trying to align your appointment with travel dates please send your email request at one or two months prior (for example send your e-mail before August if you wish to be tattooed in September). Please include your desired time frame so that we may accommodate you the best that we possibly can. Thank you.


We are fortunate to receive more requests for tattoo work than we can accommodate at any given time, so please don’t take it personally. If your design does not fit within the artist’s specialties, or they simply can’t take on any new work at the moment, they will decline. We have to turn away some work because we will not compromise quality or time spent with clients to take on a higher volume. We want you to end up with an artist that has the time, interest and ability to give you the attention your tattoo deserves, and who will do an amazing job at it, even if they don’t work in our studio.


Our artwork draws influences from Traditional, Dot work, Japanese, Expressive Modern Minimal Tattoos and Polynesian Tribal.If you are looking for visual examples of the content that we are focusing on please see our frequently updated online portfolios on example if you are looking for something not within the realm of our portfolios this may not be the studio suitable your desired tattoo.